A coded Mario Engine To Download

2013-12-11 01:48:16 by Eggy

A while ago as practice for fun I had a go at recreating mario, the physics still arn't perfect, but I think I got them pretty close. Was fun programming an old classic. This is a good way to practice making platformers smooth and seeing how mario did it. Play and/or download the engine below.

Click below to play the engine. Arrow keys to move.


Click below to download the flash file


It's in Actionscript 2.

Hopefully this helps with making your platformers smoother. All graphics are mario owned of course. Also testing this new posting and it's pretty cool editing on the fly instead of going back and forth correcting mistakes.




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2013-12-11 09:02:34

Oh, poor Mario! Remakes after remakes...

Eggy responds:

They are good for learning. We need to learn from our history to progress. But people shouldn't make a mario remake, they should use the code to make an original platformer.


2013-12-11 11:54:15

functions pretty well I must say, but it also looks like mario is floating on the tiles sometimes.

Eggy responds:

Yeah that can be edited a bit by moving the _y hittest down or moving the graphic inside the movieclip.


2013-12-11 15:25:56

Nice man. The code is a little cray cray at some parts, however I learned something new (that ? could be used as an if statement) so thank you. Keep up the good work.

Eggy responds:

Cheers man. Yeah some bits are a tad messy. Great! glad you learn't something new!


2014-05-10 12:22:27

mmmm, dude? suspendedpage.cgi ...

Eggy responds:

Sorry I needa get the hosting paid