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Heres a Level Editor Engine You May Use

Posted by Eggy - November 16th, 2013

Sometimes in game making it's great to make your own level editor. This allows you to save a lot of time when it comes to making the levels later because you can simply post in the array for each level and load it by numbers. Also good for including in the game so other people can make there own levels and share with friends. Heres one I coded that you can use for free to learn from. The code exports an array to fill the grid, each block number is represented by a number. 1 being a basic block and any other numbers can be added for extra pieces. The array uses a | to seperate the lines to be able to load the level from the text. My game Time Sphere used an advanced version of this engine to make.

Have a go at the editor here - WASD to move in test.


Download the .fla file here


Heres a Level Editor Engine You May Use

Comments (7)

Nice... a bit antiquate maybe :)

Well it's more for beginners to intermediate. Though yes it is a little outdated now for a more experienced developer.

Pretty cool, there was a point where I was messing around with toString and toArray for saving and loading data, eventually I got frustrated and called it quits.

Since each block is only represented by a single character. if you wanted to make the codes shorter, you could take each column between the | signs, remove the commas, treat the entire column as a single 13-digit number and convert that number into Base 64, couldn't you? Then each column would be 7 or 8 lines long instead of 13.

When interpreting the data, you could convert it back into base 10, parse each character as a separate value for the array, and then break the array down into your level again. 162 characters vs 252 slashes the length of the code by about 1/3.

It's frustrating but rewarding once it works.Yeah thats definitely a way to improve on it. Theres many things here that can be imrpoved on, hopefully someone does use it.

y u do this?

cus i kan

Why are there no enemies in here?



try to beat THAT!

Cause you have to add your own enemies! II beat it cause you can click and make a hook haha

This is a great way for beginners to branch into this kind of programming. I hope you help a lot of people with this.

Me too :)

"II beat it cause you can click and make a hook haha"

Oh yeah? I beat it without the hook.

It's not really for beating lol it's for LEARNING

Did you learn how to beat it?

Get key and die and go to door