2013-11-04 00:49:20 by Eggy

Been on this website 8 years and I've now made it to level 40. 2/3 of the way there. SLOWEST RPG GAME EVER OMG!

I thought this deserved a post since ya know.....EIGHT YEARS!!!!!!!

It's cool to have supported something so long and have a website give me just as much as I give it. Everyone here has something that a lot of people in the world are missing, and that's a great hobby that can turn into so much more. As long as you remain creative in life, you're always moving forwards. You are always making something new to share with the world.

I couldn't think of a better website to visit. Creativity is one of the most important things in life, to happyness and progress.

..onwards to 60.


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2013-11-04 07:05:06

Congrats dude

Eggy responds:

Cheers bro


2013-11-04 07:47:05

good job. I've been on here almost as long and achieved nothing.

Eggy responds:



2013-11-04 13:26:22

Holy shit, I've been here for six years (and I still can't beat Tricksy)... Where has the time gone?

Eggy responds:

I know! I feel old..


2013-11-04 17:21:50

Tell me about it...

Eggy responds:

I just did


2013-11-05 06:49:56

Congrats! :) Sometimes time just flies, other times it feels like leveling up is taking foreeeveeeer. I can't wait until lvl 60, but even with daily deposits that's going to take a few years... yeah, this place is great, great people, inspiring work, staff that really cares, I couldn't ask for more!

Eggy responds:

I know it makes you feel old. Yep definitely.


2013-11-05 19:02:27


(Btw, as this happened recently when I replied to another post, I was commiserating with you, not being sarcastic or overly-literal)

Eggy responds:

It's all good I know :)