New Game and Stuff

2013-01-18 22:14:12 by Eggy

Released a new small game called Super Joe It's a pretty small game compared to a lot of my other games. More to get me into the swing of things again after 2 years of no releases wow! More practice as well having a new idea each level. Force my brain to churn the cogs again >_>

I had a rough time and finally on my feet again, the whole story why I dissapeared can be read here

I won't be making games full time for a little while, I'll be getting a part time job again to get some moneys and keep my on my feet, once I've saved some I'll probably try again. It's just not possible surviving on flash game money at the moment. Growing older sucks! bills bills and more bills >_>

Keep on hoping and believing though!


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2013-01-19 03:54:03

I'm glad you are alive.

Eggy responds:

Me too


2013-01-19 13:21:17

Pretty awful game

Eggy responds:

:( aww


2013-01-19 18:57:04

Haha, it was kinda fun! Xelu is just a meanie! :P

Eggy responds:

Just a tad :P