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Arcalona Released!

2017-09-16 02:57:22 by Eggy

My new game I've been working on for over a year and a half is done! Arcalona is a huge RPG and RTS game mixed together. Go play it below and vote!

Twitch Game Making

2017-06-11 02:29:06 by Eggy


So I've started streaming my game making on Twitch! if you'd like to watch one of my games being made, head on over and hit follow to make sure you see me when im Live!



Arcalona - New Big RPG (Screenshots!)

2017-02-27 23:48:20 by Eggy

Arcalona is the name of my new island game and its making great progress. The graphics have been hugely updated and changed to sky islands. Theres also an inventory system and full spell tree for 3 different heroes. The game will be huge! stay tuned its 70% done! 

Patreons get access to beta testing currently available. Become a Patreon here >

Arcalona Buildings1222128_148825739711_n.jpg1222128_148825759322_n.jpg1222128_148825733361_ArcalonaBattle.png1222128_148825741521_eefrsdfsdg.png​​

Medals Added to 20 of my Games!

2016-08-30 05:41:22 by Eggy

I've added medals to 20 of my games listed below! took me a while and I really shoulda done it sooner, but oh well they are in now! Go play and get some from your favourite games! 

Happy Medal Hunting!

I've been a NG Member/Developer for 10 years - Storytime

2016-04-12 22:42:12 by Eggy

Crazy to think I joined this website 10 years ago. It's probably the longest I've ever visited a website regularly. Over the years we've seen newgrounds change and grow, and the layout improve and many other changes. Newgrounds at first like most kids was my source of entertainment, funny stick death videos, parodys, silly games and games that you play when at school avoiding your work.

But over time that changed for me, I started learning Flash, after submitting my first crappy animations I made I felt a sense of achievement and pride in having people view what I just made and have people view, watch and rate it instantly. This made me strive to learn Flash better and improve to make games. Getting frontpaged on Newgrounds was a pipe dream I thought would take years.

As luck would have it within about a year one of my games hit the frontpage, all the way back in 2006, 10 years ago, wow! Draw-Play became an instant hit and went super viral across the internet. I couldn't believe the flood of reviews I got. Newgrounds gave me my first break as a Flash developer in the spotlight. By being frontpaged I got noticed as a developer and it spread like wildfire. I was also stunned I'd reached my goal so fast of being frontpaged that I had to set the bar higher. It only got me $400 at the time and I thought that was heaps when I was only 16, but I learn't to charge more.

So I got a little more serious and kept learning, I got my website up and running; Eggys Games. Then I made a few hit and misses. Smithys Quest and Nodes managed to do well again getting more viral attention. I also connected with sponsors and started making some real money. It soon started to turn into a job after school.

2008 I then began being a full time Flash Developer, I made good business partners with Armor Games who I think to this day are the best and fairest sponsor out there. I made a lot of great games in one year, My most proudest year, and made enough money to support myself full time. Knights Castle, Mouse Under Siege, Enigma, Battle Fish, Stickya Adventurya, The Egg, Draw-Play 3. Then my biggest and most successful game of them all was 

The Unfair Platformer - With over 25million plays on the internet. It's made me close to $15,000. My best and most successful game yet. Still to this day brings me in some revenue each month. It's been youtubed by some famous people such as RoosterTeeth and Pewdiepie.

At this point, I aint gonna lie. I felt a little strange. I'd hit my pinnacle of goals, and for some reason it made me slow down a lot. Like my goal was reached and I didn't need to work as hard. This was indeed a big mistake. I did still make a few good games over the next few years like, The Infection, The Tower and my most soul crushing game at the time - Heaven and Hell

I had hit what they call the wall. I worked myself a little too hard at once and a combination of some bad personal things happening losing some friends I ended up with depression. The next few years I stopped game making altogether for 2 years. One of my biggest regrets. I still visited Newgrounds here and there but not as much as I used too for a while. It took me a long time to overcome. I worked a lot of different jobs and experimented in life with everything. It eventually took me a whole full circle back to game making.

I realised I just needed to set new goals and bring my game making higher and go for mobile and steam and learn new programs. Newgrounds has slowed down a little over the years, due to an increase in mobile games and steam however it's still one of the biggest source of creative developers starting out that I've ever seen, and without it I never would have got the big oppurtunity that I would have. 

I'd like to personally thank Tom Fulp for making Newgrounds. You single handlely helped inspired young artists/developers/programmers to find there audience and gave them a perfect platform to begin starting a career and way to express their creativity. You also never lose touch of your users and reply when you can. Also thanks to all newgrounds staff as well. Castle Crashers is also a sweet console game to boot, so you know your website owner is just as good as a developer as us! 

I urge anyone that can afford it to become a Supporter and help Newgrounds in a time when it's most needed. It's the least we can do for a website that gives so much back. In fact I was able to pay for the upgrade out of Ad Revenue I've made from Newgrounds! it's the circle of life! :) 

Other great people I've been inspired by here are

Bom-Toons - Makes great games and has killer artwork. He also donated me a large amount of money when I was in a tough spot and still refuses to let me pay him back! Truly great person.

Jmtb02, Wiesi, BlueBaby - Constitently make very great games. I'm a big fan and have been inspired by them.

ParagonX9, MaestroRage - Make some of the best game music on Newgrounds. I've frequently used their songs in my games and they truly give your games ambience and a whole new light. 

BezerkStudio - Probably the biggest one to keep your eye on. They've been making some great works the last few years and keep impressing me with their creativity. 

As for the future, after getting my life sorted and got 2 jobs I still work on Flash as a hobby, I've got some of my first games of mobile now, like Last Egg Alive on Android which startd off as a Flash Game here. I made my return also with Eggys Death Chamber. I'm also working on a bigger multiplayer game that will be the first time I've ever done something like it, so stay tuned. 

Heres to 10 years! *drinks* Cheers and lets hope to another 10 years!

(10 years and I'm still level 42  damn it, Slowest RPG game I've ever played!)

- Eggy

So my new game I'm working on is going to be a multiplayer Island game available on Flash and for Mobile. You'll login and slowly build up your base and be able to attack other players! It's still in the early stages but it's looking cool already and is something I havn't tackled before. Starting to get out of my comfort zone more. For now I'll refer to it as the Island Game. 

Jump starting my dive back in after the infamous long break, don't forget I've released Eggy's Death Chamber!

Also after years of AS2 I learned to code in AS3! Allow me to release mobile games like Last Egg Alive for Android!

Hope I still have some fans out there waiting for my stuff, don't be afraid to say Hi! It motivates me. 


Easter Egg : Eggcelent

New game released! The evil Eggy will try kill you in his evil death chamber! Try and survive in this upgrade based game! This is my last AS2 game. Now all games will be AS3 and also on mobile phone! 



My First Mobile Game Released!

2015-12-09 10:33:14 by Eggy

Last Egg Alive on Mobile!

Woohoo after learning AS3 I have released my first game onto the mobile phone! I'm very happy about this! I converted Last Egg Alive from AS2 to AS3 so it would work on the mobile phone. I released it as .99c for now to see how it goes. Hopefully people like it enough to show some support to get the mobile version.

Buy it for Android here >

If you like my games and have an Android device, please show your support and give it a shot :)

New Job

2014-07-26 22:36:00 by Eggy

So the reason I dissapeared is cause I got a job for PPL (Perth Poker League) As a programmer I was always good with odds and maths and I won a few tournaments and got the job. Now I run poker tournaments around Perth, if you're in Perth, come on down and say hi to me! 

Unfortunately this has put my game making on hold a long time, but now I can save money and work on one really big game comfortably without worrying about money.

If any of you have suggestions on what my biggest game should be, feel free to let me know in the comments :D

- Eggy

A coded Mario Engine To Download

2013-12-11 01:48:16 by Eggy

A while ago as practice for fun I had a go at recreating mario, the physics still arn't perfect, but I think I got them pretty close. Was fun programming an old classic. This is a good way to practice making platformers smooth and seeing how mario did it. Play and/or download the engine below.

Click below to play the engine. Arrow keys to move.

Click below to download the flash file

It's in Actionscript 2.

Hopefully this helps with making your platformers smoother. All graphics are mario owned of course. Also testing this new posting and it's pretty cool editing on the fly instead of going back and forth correcting mistakes.